OPENING UP IN LOCKDOWN – This series was my attempt to use the time spent locked down at home to start facing my anxiety and to try and connect it to the work I’ve been doing as a coach. Despite your inner critic and how some days you might feel worthless, I can assure you, you can still work on big things. Perhaps the journey counts more than the destination…
SAFE SPACE – This series has seen me dipping my toe into the world of video blogging. I want to build on that connection with people through the digital universe. I’m not very good at it yet, but I’m learning. I still feel my imposter syndrome telling me to stop sometimes. But thanks to your feedback, I know this is reaching some of you and so perhaps, with the right conversations, we can grow together.
LOCKDOWN ROUTINE – The wonderful chaps at FortyFive Vinyl Cafe ran a lockdown quiz and their shoestring cinema club round had people acting out their own scenes from famous films for the audience to guess. Here’s my effort from my all time favourite film – American Psycho.
LET’S TALK ABOUT SUICIDE – I attended ASIST Suicide Training with York Mind in 2019. Suicide is a subject close to my heart but one I’d previously struggled to know how to properly face and talk about. Being open and present and treating the subject with the intention and honesty it deserves is key. Here’s a few things I learned. If you’re struggling, please reach out.
Menfulness is a men’s wellbeing group and support network offering an early intervention for men struggling with their mental health. We offer activities, fitness and social media groups to give men an outlet to be honest about what is going on. We rise by lifting others.