Positivity is one of those things that can be faked. I know because I fake it sometimes. I’ve gotten really good at it too. Not always, but sometimes I find in my speech, actions, thoughts and even in my social media use that negativity can creep in. Often in the form of self-doubts and misplaced guilt, fear of missing out or anxieties about the future. The fact that I am healthy, employed, loved etc. can all so easily be taken for granted when I allow much less important things to get the better of me and ruin my day and even bring the people around me down, rather than moving on and reminding myself I am rich in the things that matter. I know I can’t be the only person out there who does this to themselves and I’m not saying I can change you or even myself. But it’s worth a go, right..?

This LINK has some interesting points on such negative thoughts and a few ideas about how to combat them.

A wise man told me that worrying is a misuse of the imagination. It’s rung out in my head ever since I heard it. It feels wrong that so often we use our immense creative power to invent possibilities we don’t want to exist and outcomes that might never happen. It’s like an evolutionary failure. Spending time worrying or accepting negativity takes us away from acting on whatever it is bothering us, and it prevents us fully appreciating the time spent between now and the moment whatever it is either happens, or doesn’t.

It probably doesn’t help that the media loves a bad news story, relishes in telling us how rubbish things are, how great things would be if we had more of this or looked more like that, who wants us dead and who we should want to kill in return. It’s impossible to watch the news and be happy about much of what we hear. Bad news sells papers. Well I want this 10 days to be about good news and fun, happy things.

I made a silly VIDEO for my friend Stainless Steve a while ago and people seemed to like it. So I made another one, with another huge power tune, this time it’s for anyone who needs a giggle or a pick me up, or just reminding that you’re all awesome and only limited by your imagination and your responsibility to use it in a positive way.

Thanks to my gorgeous girlfriend Anna for helping me film this and to Chris Walsh for the saxophone!

3 thoughts on “10 Days of Positivity – Day 2 – We Close Our Eyes

  1. Not sure about your opening statement. What you cannot fake is a state of mind, you can only change it. For example by faking positivity you are actually creating postivity, both for you and those around you? Just a thought!


    1. A fair point. I suppose what I mean is, I sometimes put on a positive face when inside I feel anything but. You are correct though, this does help! Which is a huge part of the reason for doing all this. I am very much aware that it is as much for my well-being as it is for others!


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