So I’ve been having a few memory issues, nothing serious and my memory has never been particularly good but since noticing this more recently, I have taken even more care to try and get a photo of the great things that happen around me, just in case I might go and forget them! I think it’s so cool how cameras use a method similar to our own eyes (LOOK!) and capture photographs that can be like extensions to our memory.

To help me be mindful and thankful for the people and experiences around me, I am devoting today to photographs!

To try and make the most of my photos, I set folders of them as my screen saver. It helps that my computer is plugged into my TV so I often have photos cycling through. Most TVs nowadays have a USB slot so even if you don’t have your computer plugged in, you can fill a USB up with your photos and do the same. It is a nice way to make sure the photos we go to the effort of taking get the enjoyment they deserve, instead of just sitting on a hard drive as they so often do!

I have also started making little videos of some of my photos. Here’s one of family times over Christmas and Boxing day!

And of the fun times bringing in the New Year at the Freeman’s!

I enjoyed doing them so much I went back through the amazing year I have had and included some of the best bits which make me feel lucky to be alive surrounded by the amazing, creative and legendary people I am!

I know this is all very personal to me but I just wanted to show people how it’s a nice way to make use of photos! All you need is Windows Movie Maker and it’s dead simple! I would love to see some of your videos! Why not give it a go?!

Photo’s are pretty awesome now, but I grew up in a time when they weren’t so convenient. 1 reel of 25 photos cost a fair few quid to get developed, you had to wait a few days to get them back and that was just for the little tiny prints. So not only did you have to remember your camera, which was a big ugly bulky thing anyway, but you also had to be ready for the moments that were worthy, then wait for the right second to take just one snap and hope it was a good one. Suffice to say I have hundreds of shit, badly focussed photos in my loft now gathering dust.

Now, how about a look at the biggest space photo ever taken? Some German astronomers took a 46 billion pixel photo of our galaxy. It’s 146 gigabytes and is the biggest ever photo of the Milky Way! You can click here for a tool that lets you scan around it and zoom in!

Or the Blue Marble photo. Imagine being out there and knowing that everyone in the world is being captured in your photo!


Here is a collection of 100 non photo-shopped photos and pretty much all of them are breath taking!

How awesome is it that a majority of us now have a camera in our pocket which is capable of taking great photos? And if they aren’t great, they can be instantly deleted without cost to us and then years worth of them can all be stored in this tiny organised electronic box (Here’s some interesting info about our current levels of data storage). This gives us a much better chance to enhance our memories than ever before and let’s us keep our life altering moments safe forever, well providing you back them up!

I think it’s important to mention that while taking photos of the things we do is fun, it is changing us and having that technology in our pockets can make it tempting to constantly feel like we should be using it. Prince banned cameras and phones from his last concert and, being vertically challenged, it was really nice to have a clear view for once! As much as I love to take loads of photos I am also trying to keep reminding myself to enjoy the moment for what it is too so that I don’t just see life through a screen! Check this article on how selfie culture is changing our lives.

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