I’m sure I can speak for most of us when I say that music has a powerful effect on us. Most of us, at some point, have felt like we can’t be bothered going out but then a great tune comes on and suddenly, something changes and we’re up for it. You probably also know that feeling where you’re in an average mood, but then Dre comes on and suddenly you become a cold ass pimp. It also brings emotion to movies and makes them infinitely better, have a look at the two clips from Star Wars below, without music it’s just awkward!



Music can and does change our mood if we let it and can enhance our lives. It has gotten me through some dark times and elevated me when I needed it to (yes I know, that must be all of the time due to my size, jeez, let it go…)

A wise man tells me that Sundays are made for music so I’m spending a day on it today! I’ve asked for Facebook friends to post their happy songs on my wall to see what tunes are important to them and it’s been so good listening to so many awesome songs! I am in SUCH a great mood right now so thank you to all those who have posted!

I’m fortunate to have lots of  friends who DJ so I’m always surrounded by great music and it’s given me a chance to learn a bit and have a go myself. I have posted a few of my mixes below. I’m still a beginner so don’t expect anything too professional, they are a bit rough, but they were fun to do and I hope you like them!

First and foremost, the first mix I did of some of my favourite songs.

Second. A mix I did for my friend Simon G’s birthday. As he has made hundreds of mixes for people over the years I thought it was about time someone made one for him of his favourite tunes. It just so happens that they are all brilliant, uplifting songs too!

I’ve also put together a mix of the most positive songs I know, a fitting soundtrack for my 10 days of positivity. Listen to this when you need reminding how amazing the world is!




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