We all have needs and if they aren’t being fulfilled for whatever reason, it can leave us with a sense that we’re lacking or longing for something, that can creep into every-day life and affect our well-being.

What we need could be as simple as a proper challenge, more exercise or ensuring that more of our actions are aligned with our goals and development. Today’s video is a bit about what’s helped improve things for me along with a couple of simple tools to help us focus on the things most important to us.

If you feel like you’re missing something then where might you focus your efforts to get the right balance back into your life?

Further reading:

Absolutely love the idea of Ikigai! Here’s a great article about a concept we don’t have a word for in our language but which has Japanese people jumping out of bed each morning. It’s the cross section where, what you love to do, what you’re good at, what you can be paid for and what the world needs meet in the middle. Many believe that we all have one and it’s our purpose in life to find it! What might get you jumping out of bed to seize the day?

If you’re a bloke in York and you do Facebook then I’d recommend joining York Menfulness. It’s a genuinely sound group of blokes building a support network where opening up is accepted in all circumstances. It’s free and there’s no obligation to share if you’re not ready so why not? If you know someone who doesn’t do FB then there’s a meet up page which details all the events they run including circuit training and ‘Walk and talks’ please recommend for us – Members are also supported if they’d like to run their own events. This group has really helped give me the boost I needed to accept what’s going on with me and talk about it.

This book by Stephen Covey has been a game changer for many. One of the differences of this to other books on performance is that it focuses on character ethic rather than personality ethic. I.e. Rather than appearing a certain way and hoping for success to follow, instead working on basic principles for effective living to set you up for genuine success. This includes the Circle of Influence and concern which I touch on briefly in today’s video!

I was lucky enough to have some group coaching with Andrea Morrison Coaching and have since followed her facebook page and business group. Andrea has come through some incredible challenges in her life and emerged with calmness and wisdom that feels superhuman but which she now works on sharing with the world! Read more about her coaching and follow her pages here!

It may seem incredibly simple but sometimes having a visual aid can really help define what it is that you want to work on. Choose your own headings for what you consider a full life then go ahead and fill up your slices for where you are at right now. This can help to focus where our goals might be lurking and our growth most needed!

Want to volunteer but not sure where to start? Volunteering gets you closer to your community and achieving shared goals which can genuinely be a life affirming experience. It can also help you up-skill and build your network. York CVS is a social action organisation and supports lots of organisations and volunteers across the city. If you need something different and you’re not sure where to look this is a great starting point!

Today has been about looking for the gaps in our experience where we could be lacking. Don’t ever stop searching for what it is that sparks your passion. Coaching for me has opened my eyes not just to the possibility I can help others but that I can continue to change the narrative for myself and grow in the right direction, despite self-limiting beliefs. I’m excited where this journey is taking me and what else I might uncover. Where is your journey taking you?

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