Does anyone else ever find themselves knowing what they should be working on, but instead end up spending time on less important things? Or sometimes even completely wasting valuable time then berating yourself for it later?!

I’m sure we all procrastinate to some extent, and some of it for good reason! But today will be about how we can try to at least be conscious of how we spend our time and how we might be able to keep on track when we need to. Oh and, of course, eating frogs.

Further reading:

One of the things I kept procrastinating on was ‘dealing’ with my anxiety. Each of us is different so this won’t be for everyone, but if you’re feeling overly anxious and it’s affecting your day to day life then you can self-refer online for CBT here. It can be really effective and is a good stepping stone to taking back some control. If you want any more information about it then please do drop me a private message and I’d be happy to discuss in confidence.

Don’t be afraid to talk about this stuff. You won’t make anything worse or vaporise someone into dust I promise. But you will show someone you care!

An illustrated video summary of Eat That Frog! By Brian Tracy with the useful points. It’s geared up mostly to a role within an organisation but the reality is this works for personal growth too. What are you putting off?! Do the worst first!

Here’s a little more on perfectionism and procrastination as well as some great tips to break the loop including a bit on the Pomodoro technique.

For anyone who fancied a go at using the Eisenhower Matrix – Using either the web app (or apple app if on iphone) you can add your daily tasks into the 4 boxes of importance/urgency. You can re-order them in priority and you can set a 25 minute timer if the Pomodoro Technique is of interest to you.

Today has been about how to ensure we focus our action and thinking on the things we are actually able to influence and are most important to our development. How much time is left over for procrastinating after all that, I suppose depends on how far you’ve set your sights!

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