When you coach others it’s almost impossible not to coach yourself. Once I began to ask myself the right questions my progress became less hindered by the opinions of others or the types of scripts we all write for ourselves that can get in the way, it was simply about how best to proceed, despite all those things.

I’m not claiming coaching is a cure for anxiety or any mental health problem for that matter, but what I can be 100% sure of is that it can enable progress despite your mental health and that progress can be a force for positive change in your life.

So tell me, what would you like to work towards and what action could get you that bit closer to it?

Today is going to be about ensuring progress on our goals using one of the most popular coaching models. For those who don’t know much about coaching, the late Sir John Whitmore was basically ‘The Daddy’ and this is what his company has to say about him.

Further reading:

Kindness is the theme of this years Mental Health Awareness Week. Why not plan in some time to be extra kind, to others and, even more importantly, to yourself. This happy website has tons of ideas for where to start if you’re not sure!

‘Are you alright/How are you?’ are possibly the phrases we speak the most to each other, so much so they have become a greeting. They are also among the most powerful questions we can ask another person. To start changing it from a greeting to a meaningful question, ask twice.

Using the SMART method to set some goals is a useful way of giving yourself the best chance of achieving them. While we might dream of the big long term goals, they can seem too distant or scary to approach. Breaking things down to more measurable and achievable tasks can set the ball rolling in the right direction. Don’t forget to write it down. That written contract with yourself means something!

Here’s a nice article on how to stay accountable. I find that the more I write down my goals the more accountable I feel to myself. The more I talk to people about where I want to be the more accountable I feel in general. Some people even post their goals on social media because they find it hard to let followers down. What do you do to stay accountable?

Here’s Glenn Close standing up with some brave, honest people talking about how the stigma around Mental Health has affected their lives.

Don’t forget to believe in yourself! Once upon a time we believed in ourselves and in everyone else wholeheartedly, just like this incredible kid! I’m slowly but surely getting that back in my life and it feels right – Thumbs up everybody, FOR ROCK AND ROLL!

Jack Woodhams  from the incredible York Menfulness group has written this brilliant poem about the importance of talking!

Today has been about progress and growth. Whitmore believed, and I can’t disagree, that to truly coach people you have to believe in their capacity for growth and look forward into what drives them to achieving it, rather than just looking back over where they may have ‘failed’ previously. This is undoubtedly and infinitely more important when it comes to coaching yourself.

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